Gone to Gozo for the Weekend

I got the awesome opportunity to travel to the island of Gozo with 120 other international students for the entirety of last weekend. We were a bunch of 20-somethings looking to have a great time. Was there any partying involved? Yes. Lots. Isn’t that to be expected? Anyway, we did spend one day going around the island to experience what it has to offer. Gozo itself is even smaller than its sister island Malta at about 14 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide. Although it seems like there wouldn’t be much to see, the island actually felt a lot bigger once we rode the ferry and arrived at our destination on Friday, November the 11th. We spent the night settling down in the Bellavista farmhouses and even had a barbecue with some great music to dance to.

The next day, we took a bus around the island and visited about three different places. Our first destination that we visited on our tour was the Azure Window, a famous natural rock formation made out of limestone.

Everyone who got off of the bus headed toward the rock formation right away, but I couldn’t help but first capturing a photo of the happiest accordion player I’ve ever seen. Seriously, doesn’t this guy just make you want to smile?


The wind was extremely strong due to the fact that we were right at the Sea’s edge. Salty sprays of sea water kept getting blown into my hair and onto my camera lens, making it hard for me to climb onto the rocks to get a good view. Even though I almost slipped and fell, I finally got to see the Azure Window up close. Salty hair and all, it was worth it.


After hopping back onto the bus, we drove to the Citadel in Victoria, Gozo and were greeted by the Gozo Cathedral. If people venture past the cathedral, they’d discover a series of stone ramparts which they could climb. Once they reach the top, they’d by greeted by a spectacular view of all of Gozo. This is exactly what we did, and I have to say… WOW. Seriously, I’ve fallen in love with this country.


Our last stop on our Gozo tour landed us in the most decorative and quietest church I’ve ever step foot in. There’s always something about walking through a church like that one that makes you feel a sense of calmness and peace. It affected me so much that I decided to stay and sit in a pew for a few extra moments while the rest of the international students climbed onto the top of the hill for a group photo. Did I miss out? Maybe, but who cares?

sunset-at-buena-vistaWe ended the day with a dinner of pizza and another party. This one was “Jungle” themed, though, and even crazier than the night before. Trust me, once you’ve seen a grown Maltese man dance in a tiger onesie, your life is pretty much complete from that point on. If there’s a few things the Maltese know how to do, it’s partying, drinking, relaxing, and being some of the greatest people you’ll ever meet.

We left the farmhouses Sunday morning and spent the rest of the day at Ramla Beach on Gozo. If it had been warmer that day, I probably would’ve swam in the water, but it was nice to just chill on the beach after such a chaotic weekend.

If you ever find yourself in Malta, put Gozo on your list of places to see. I know that even though I was there for entire weekend, I’d like to go back on my own to visit the places I wasn’t able to visit. Maybe I’ll spend another weekend there. Just remember that you should always keep your mind open. A year and a half ago, I didn’t even know Malta existed. Who knows where my life will take me in another year?

In a quote from the book “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell:

“Yesterday, my life was headed in one direction. Today, it is headed in another. Yesterday, I believe I would never have done what I did today.”

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