Sand & Sea: Adventures at Malta’s Beaches

When you think of sandy, sunny beaches, where does your mind wander off to? Miami, Florida? Hawaii? Maybe Australia? Well, look no further than Malta.

Ever since I arrived here to begin my semester abroad, I’ve been to a new beach every weekend, and let me say, they’re absolutely amazing. The water is the most blue and clearest that I’ve ever seen! Seriously. It’s like stepping into a photo on the front of  a travel brochure. Trust me, the thought of being at a beach usually doesn’t make me do a happy dance, but once I felt the soft sand between my toes and hit the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, I fell in love. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic, guys.

With it being sunny about 300 days out of the year and winter almost nonexistent, you can guarantee that you’re going to be at least get a few tan lines while soaking up the rays of the sun on Malta’s beaches.

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is deemed as one of Malta’s most popular beaches. Surrounded by cliff faces and natural rock formations and located near the village of Mellieha, many locals and tourists visit this beach year-round to throw parties, have barbecues, or to simply experience it.

This bay was the first one I decided to visit here and it gave me some very enchanting vibes. In all honesty, though: the Mediterranean Sea; a sandy beach; an unforgettable view. What more could you want?

sunset-at-golden-bay golden-bay

Paradise Bay

After a long 2-hour walk to get to Paradise Bay with the rest of my fellow university students, arriving there was like discovering the lost city of Atlantis.

Once I unrolled my beach towel, you can bet that I was heading straight for the water! The swim was marvelous, but the Nutella milkshake I bought after the swim was even more so (you’re missing out on life if you’ve never had one).

Just like at Golden Bay, I got the opportunity to see another Mediterranean sunset. I could call it “pretty” or “gorgeous”, but describing it like that would truly downplay it. Sunsets are how the earth paints the sky. You must admire their beauty otherwise you’ll take them for granted.

With warm water, a scenic coastline, and several places to eat and explore, this location is pure bliss for all beach-goers. It just shows that they don’t call it “Paradise” Bay for nothing.

charlotte-2 cropped-14589982_1287396234637756_8239781046460081358_o.jpg

The Blue hole at armier bay

Only someone crazy would dive 13 meters down into a hole in the Sea, right? Standing at the edge of the cliff, I was thinking exactly that. However, it was too late to go back then.

At the count of 3, I plugged my nose and cannon-balled into the water. It ended up giving me bruises on my arms and knocking the wind out of my lungs, but I “bravely” did it! What a rush that was!

If you ever find yourself around Armier Bay, try taking this plunge. I’d only recommend it to those who would be willing  to swim in the strong currents of the open Mediterranean waters and then climb sharp rocks just to get back to the top of the cliffs (I cut my toes on the way up). Despite having to do all of that, though, this is something I’d definitely do again! Just don’t tell my grandma.


There are a bunch of opportunities in store when you visit Malta. Just don’t come with any expectations otherwise you’ll disappoint yourself.It may be a small island, but it’s full of personality, and if you look around, there are many big adventures waiting for you just around the corner.

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